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Field-centric Tech Trends Every Utility Construction Operations Manager Should Know

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B2W SoftwareDespite ongoing funding fluctuations, project delays and shifting business priorities, Utilities construction continues to deliver the fastest growth of any heavy construction sector today.  And with big infrastructure spending set to pump billions into water, power and highway improvements, modernizing field-centric workflows will become strategically critical to scale and profitably.

Is your firm ready to win new work and complete it more profitability? Join B2W and a panel of growth-stage Utility contractors who made the move from pen-and-paper processes to unified, data-driven solutions for:

  • Optimizing resource allocation
  • Facilitating daily job performance tracking
  • Eliminating payroll errors and inefficiencies
  • Gaining insight into real equipment costs and strategies for reducing them

Read more and view archived webinar here.

From Paper to a Data-Driven Field Safety Program

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fulcrumThe obvious problems with paper aren’t the ones that will keep you from having a great safety program. Illegible handwriting, transcription errors, and coffee spills cause their fair share of issues, but safety programs suffer most because paper inspections lock up your data when you need it to be available to drive operations and analysis.

When you digitize your inspections, you get streamlined operations, dramatically reduced reporting timelines, and the kind of analytics that only comes from complete and consistent real-time data.

But field teams aren’t like back-office organizations. Converting to a data-driven inspection program requires better location data, fewer spreadsheets, and apps that can be used by seasoned veterans and new field workers alike. And it’s hard to get all of that from IT or from typical no-code app platforms.

This webinar will discuss how to support field organizations – at scale – with digital inspections that increase performance, radically reduce errors, and deliver unique insights that can improve your safety program. All without having programmers or writing code.

Read more and view archived webinar here.

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