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Kelly Mill, PRC and Intermediate Pump Stations

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kelly mill pump stationT.A. Loving Co. of Goldsboro, North Carolina, was contracted to build three pump stations for Palmetto Utilities Inc. Each were similar in design but at varying depths. The Kelly Mill Pump Station (PS) was 35 ft deep; the PRC PS was 45 ft deep and the Intermediate PS was 25 ft deep.

Each station had three 200-hp pumps and a 400-kW generator. Two of the stations had automatic barscreens with ram presses. The Intermediate PS had an influent grinder. This work was completed in less than one year with total contract value of $9.798 million.

The Kelly Mill PS was a very small site. T.A. Loving determined an open-cut method with an engineered 1-to-1 slope was the best option for excavating for the pump station. This method presented challenges as it used a majority of our workspace inside the limits of disturbance.

The Intermediate PS was only 25 ft deep. An open-cut method was used for this station as well with a 1.5-to-1 slope. Compared to the other two stations, the Intermediate PS proved to be the least challenging to complete.

The PRC PS was the biggest challenge at 45 ft deep. This required an engineered hole using a 1-to-1 slope down to 25 ft deep. The last 20 ft, T.A. Loving used a beam-and-plate method to shore the bottom of the excavation. This was T.A. Loving’s first experience using the beam-and-plate method. As the company also performs deep gravity sewer work, it owns an abundance of 1-in. plate steel. Having this material at its disposal along with favorable site conditions so deep in the ground provided a great method for properly shoring the hole.

All three stations required that an epoxy coating be applied before operation, which was a challenging application.

In addition to T.A. Loving, the project team included MBD Consulting Engineers, which provided all the design and permitting services for the project. Allegiance Industries performed all electrical on the pump stations. Pumps and variable frequency drives were provided by Clearwater Inc. Capital Concrete and Titan Pumping were responsible for the concrete. Carolina Management Team took care of all concrete coatings. National Erectors furnished and placed all rebar and formwork for all sites. Combs & Associates provide all barscreens, grinders, and flow meters. Carotek Inc. furnished all check and plug valves.

MBD Consulting Engineers was instrumental in developing a design that accommodated many challenges due to the physical constraints of the system. MBD’s capability to develop a creative design provided for an effective solution. The firm was also key in working with the state and local environmental permitting agencies to expedite the permitting process.

“Each subcontractor and supplier did an outstanding job at assisting us in getting these pump stations constructed,” said T.C. Edmondson III, P.E., Senior Vice President of T.A. Loving. “Capital Concrete and Titan Pumping were exceptional in the process. They were flexible on their schedules and by doing so they helped us shave weeks off our completion time.

“Carolina Management Team was also instrumental in a successful completion. The application of the epoxy coating required extensive scaffolding inside the pump stations along with working in a confined space safely. Carolina Management Team adjusted its schedule and worked long hours whenever needed. \

“Each subcontractor provided the proper safety equipment, scaffolding and manpower to assist us in completing construction ahead of schedule. Combs & Associates provided excellent service to all equipment they provided on the pump stations. The cooperation and expertise of each subcontractor and supplier used on the project were key to our delivering a successful product on such a fast-paced schedule.”

In an effort to provide much needed infrastructure improvements and allow for the fast growth in the greater Columbia, South Carolina, area, Palmetto Utilities Inc., a private utility owner, purchased this system. Together, T.A. Loving Co., Palmetto Utilities and MBD Consulting Engineers, developed a fast-track approach to alleviate the expansion needs of the system. In a coordinated effort, the team worked together to design and construct the backbone of a system that will serve the anticipated growth of this area for the foreseeable future.

kelly mill pump station
T.A. Loving Co. was contracted to build three pump stations for Palmetto Utilities Inc., each similar in design but at varying depths.

“T.A. Loving and their entire staff made every effort to make construction of these projects as painless as possible,” said Tom Creasman, Senior Vice President-Capital Projects for Palmetto Utilities. “From their initial participation in cost engineering during the design phase to the final startup, T.A. Loving can be depended upon to take care of business and to turn out an outstanding final product.

“Through the course of construction, T.A. Loving employees displayed a high level of professionalism, experience, dedication and commitment to quality and safety. T.A. Loving did a good job of cultivating a teamwork-oriented atmosphere and worked well with the project team to find solutions to problems and overcome numerous challenges during the course of construction.

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