Tenna Joins NUCA National

Tenna, the construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations, has joined the NUCA National Association to contribute and build partnerships with utility contractors across the country.

With a background of over 100 years in the industry, Tenna is the standard for construction when it comes to equipment fleet management. Their construction-focused, single platform solution coupled with their family of integrated and durable hardware can track, process, automate and inform contractors on how to improve the management of their entire mixed fleet. A complete range of hardware and associated software allows Tenna to customize a solution that matches multiple common construction use cases that they and their customers have experienced.

Tenna is a thought leader in equipment management best practices and focuses much of their energy helping contractors learn more about their own equipment fleet and its effects on their business. To work with Tenna is to enter a partnership where relevant hardware and software solutions meet knowledgeable consultation about best practices for equipment operation and ownership, equipment investments, and opportunities for internal savings.

“Tenna is a member of several regional NUCA chapters in addition to our membership at the National level, and we’re excited to get more involved with national NUCA events and initiatives,” says Russ Young, VP of Growth at Tenna. “We look forward to connecting and working with other NUCA members to share ways to best manage their equipment costs to improve their construction business’ bottom line.”

With Tenna, contractors no longer need to spend money on multiple, disjointed tracking systems. Tenna is a sophisticated software platform that ties multiple tracking and management functionalities with mixed construction assets together into one platform while integrating with other key construction business systems to help contractors tie their equipment management information and insights in with the rest of their business intelligence.

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