Reed Offers Bear Hug Polyethylene (PE) Squeeze Tool System

REED Manufacturing’s Bear Hug polyethylene (PE) squeeze tool system with hydraulic squeeze is lighter and offers more force output than comparable models. Bear Hug with hydraulic cylinders provides 83,400 pounds of squeeze force. For squeeze control, choose from an air-over hydraulic pump PESAPA or manual hand pump PESMPA to work with the PES8BT base tool.

REED Bear Hug features a double bar configuration for most confident squeeze. In addition to more secure flow stoppage, a double point squeeze is safer as it lessens any chance of pipe damage. A bottom swing-out bar with latch allows for simple pipe enclosure. Compact and lightweight (for the industry) at 175 pounds, the PES8BT can be lifted into position with its oversized U-bolt.

The double-acting system both squeezes and releases with hydraulic pump – no more reliance on internal springs for retraction is needed. Color-coded stops increase visibility and help the operator quickly confirm that stops are set properly. Pipe centering arrows aid in alignment. PES8BT base tool includes stops for 3-8 inch PE pipe in common DR sizes for North America pipe sizes. For safety, there are grounding device installation spots.

· Modular PE Squeeze tool system allows choice of manual or air-over-hydraulic pump operation.

· Double bar design for squeeze confidence.

· 83,400 lb. (371,000 N) squeeze force.

· Weight conscious REED design is almost 100 pounds (45 kg) less than comparable models.

· Includes two sets of color-coded pipe stops.