Top Jobs Awards: Anchor Construction (Electric Power)


Electric Power

Anchor Construction Corp. , Washington, D.C.
Project: Skanska DC Clean Water Job for Relocating Pepco Line

Anchor Construction was responsible for the excavation of a Potomac Electric Power Co. (PEPCO) duct bank and three conduits with existing power lines in a congested Washington, D.C., neighborhood. The project required extremely close coordination with the PEPCO crew, as they pulled the existing cables one by one and Anchor connected the new conduits with the existing infrastructure, encased all of the power with concrete and backfilled the site. The conduits were installed between existing sheet piles recently placed by other subcontractors of DC Water for the proposed tunnel project. Much of the demolition on the live concrete ductwork had to be done with hand tools to avoid damaging the existing power cables. The job was completed successfully and in an efficient manner, particularly in regards to the coordination with the PEPCO crew.

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