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BJM Pumps’ SKG Series pumps can shred a wide variety of municipal and industrial wastewater solids. Flushable wipes — currently a multimillion-dollar problem in the United States — may now be effectively handled through the innovative design of the SKG pump. The hardened impeller and plate materials provide maximum wear resistance for long service life. Hardened cast iron construction stands up to rough handling and pumping gritty water.

For more information, visit www.bjmpumps.com.


The Gorman-Rupp line of Prime Aire Plus pumps employs the same venturi/compressor priming system as the Prime Aire line. Increased head, flow and enhanced maintenance features are additional benefits. Models feature up to 8-in. flanged discharge sizes, provide flows up to 4,950 gpm and heads to 475 ft and are suitable for both clear liquids and liquids containing large solids. All PAH Series pumps are available coupled to the latest EPA Tier compliant engines or premium efficiency electric motors. A fuel level monitoring system is available on Tier 4 Interim engine-driven models.

For more information, visit www.grpumps.com.

HondaHonda Power Equipment

Honda Power Equipment markets a complete line of portable water pumps for a wide variety of agricultural, construction, rental and residential applications. Its WT Series pumps offer an easy-starting and reliable OHV commercial-grade engine, rugged full frame protection, quick release clean out and durable Silicon carbide mechanical seals. The WT trash pumps features also include a unique conical-shaped cast iron impeller for improved priming and durability, replaceable stainless-steel wear plates for extended life, long-life silicon carbide water seals, lightweight cast aluminum pump housing, high performance mounts that minimize vibration and a convenient multi-tool for on-site pump servicing and clean out mounts.

For more information, visit www.powerequipment.honda.com.

SubaruSubaru Industrial Power Products

Subaru’s PTX301D diaphragm pump features 3-in. suction and discharge ports and up to 250 gpm at a maximum pressure of 21 psi. It boasts a maximum suction lift of 25 ft and a maximum lift head of 49 ft. Additionally, the PTX301D is backed by Subaru’s five-year limited warranty, covering both the engine and pump. The design completely isolates the pump mechanism from the fluid being moved, making the model ideal for pumping abrasives, slurries, re-circulated water and other high-solid-material content, up to 2 in., that cannot be handled by a centrifugal pump.

For more information, visit www.subarupower.com.

NUCA National Partner Focus


Xylem’s Field Smart Technology (FST) and PrimeGuard 2 controller provide the contractor working in remote locations pump operating data and information that can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive, onsite personnel to monitor pumps manually. Xylem’s Godwin PrimeGuard 2 is a fully programmable microprocessor engine control system that allows for inputs from flow meters, level transducers, pressure transducers or standard floats. Using the data from any of these systems, Godwin Dri-Prime pumps can be programmed to start/stop automatically with no operator intervention required. Used in tandem with PrimeGuard 2, FST is a premium solution for any utility contractor.

FST can monitor engine, motor and pump operation conditions, as well as pump parameters such as suction and discharge pressure, sump level and flow data. Pump data can be accessed remotely from any device in the world with an internet connection. FST enables the ability to remotely start, stop and set engine speed, and alarms can be set to alert for operating or performance failures. For reporting purposes, pump data can be logged and documented or even tied back to a SCADA system for ultimate system efficiencies and control.

For more information, visit www.xyleminc.com.

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