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doosanDoosan DX300LC-5 Crawler Excavator

The Doosan DX300LC-5 crawler excavator is popular in utility applications because of its performance in the mid-size excavator class, boasting a 266-net-horsepower diesel engine and maximum dig depth of nearly 24 feet. A standard feature called Smart Power Control (SPC) helps reduce fuel consumption by as much as 7 percent, minimizing operation costs for owners. DX300LC-5 excavators provide exceptional visibility for the operator with standard rearview and sideview cameras, which can be beneficial when working on crowded jobsites or utility projects with limited space around the excavator and workers.

GrabSafe Ladder Attachment

The GrabSafe is an attachment for extension ladders to allow step-through to reduce the hazard of stepping to the side of ladders. It automatically provides 3-ft extension as required by OSHA for access and dismounting. It reduces the potential for OSHA citations now 50% of all OSHA ladder citations for failure to extend the ladder side rails. Workers unanimously agree on the comfort of using the GrabSafe. Holding the side rails is far less efficient than the rungs according to published research at the University of Michigan and University of Pittsburgh. Muddy environments increase the chance of boots sliding and workers falling. Benefits include: Now aluminum construction at half the weight (12 lbs); Step-through access – no more dangerous side-stepping onto roof/platform; Horizontal rungs to securely grab for optimal grip; Getting back onto ladder is a breeze, feels secure; Provides the OSHA-required 3-ft extension above the roof/platform surface every time; Angled at 15 degrees – keeps extension vertical; Compatible with almost every extension ladder.

InfraMarker RFID Markers

Berntsen International’s connected InfraMarker solution makes it easier than ever to precisely locate underground utilities and relay data, photos and videos from the field to the office. InfraMarker’s RFID-enabled markers are buried with underground pipelines. The system’s mapping software, visual aids such as photos and a magnetic locator guide field operators to the exact location of underground assets. An RFID reader verifies the location before digging. This degree of certainty is crucial to public safety and not always possible with traditional utility locating methods. InfraMarker’s digital connectivity is a game-changer for utility locators and power companies. Field technicians can view an asset’s history using the system’s mobile app on an iOS or Android device. Records of every ‘read’ and new documentation — text, photos and videos — are relayed from the field to a company’s asset management system.

Kohler Engine Reduces Carbon Monoxide Emissions

With demand for more fuel efficient, low-emission engines on the rise, Kohler has rolled out its ECH440LE Command PRO EFI. The new engine reduces Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions by 75 percent when compared to comparable Kohler carbureted engines under similar loads and duty cycles. The ECH440LE, ideal for portable generator applications, significantly lowers potentially harmful emissions without impacting overall generator performance. The Kohler ECH440LE Command PRO engine features the company’s closed-loop EFI system as well as an integrated catalytic exhaust system. These systems combine to help significantly lower Carbon Monoxide emissions.

takeuchiTakeuchi Introduces TB235-2 Compact Hydraulic Excavator

Takeuchi-US, an innovative global leader in compact equipment, has launched the all-new TB235-2 compact hydraulic excavator. Sharing the same design concept of the TB230, TB240, and TB260, the TB235-2 provides Takeuchi with a 3.5 ton offering in this competitive market classification. With the TB235-2, Takeuchi will be able to meet the needs of a wide range of customers including general contractors, landscapers, utility contractors and the rental industry. With an operating weight of 7,474 lbs, a dig depth of 10 ft, 7.7 in., maximum reach of 17 ft, 3 in. and breakout force of 9,127 lbs, the TB235 provides excellent working range and performance. Additionally, the TB235-2 shares the 24.4-hp Yanmar engine with the TB230 and requires no additional exhaust after-treatment systems.

trimbleTrimble Introduces New Pipe Laser

Trimble introduced a new green Dialgrade laser for the installation of gravity flow pipelines—the Spectra Precision DG613G pipe laser. The DG613G, with an ultra-visible green beam, has the same compact design and features as the DG613. The laser’s short length is ideal when setting up in manholes with precast inverts and a tight radius. Both models have a grade range from -12 to +40 percent and are fully self-leveling over the entire grade range. The cross axis is also compensated providing quick set up and ensuring the laser will be level without having to manually rotate it in the invert. The DG613G has a 150 m (500 ft) working range providing a single setup to lay pipe from one manhole to another. The RC803 remote control provides full function control and utilizes infra-red communications when in the pipe at a distance of up to 150 m (500 ft). For “over the top” setups, the remote utilizes radio communications at a distance up to 130 m (430 ft).

vac-tronVac-Tron Trailer Vac

Vac-Tron Equipment has released its new CS 1270 trailer vac. This new Compact Industrial Vac Series comes standard with a 1,200-gallon debris tank and 580 or 1,000 cfm. It is also available with a hydraulic operated opening and locking rear door, wet/dry filtration cyclone, 30-ft x 3-in. suction hose and tool, and 27 or 37 hp Kohler gas engine. Options include 24 hp Kohler diesel engine and reverse pressure. It is ideal for drill slurry cleanup as well as other projects that call for slurry removal. With the optional reverse pressure, you can collect the slurry, transport and offload it into another container or simply open the rear door and dump the material quickly.

vermeerVermeer Introduces the D8x12 Navigator HDD

Vermeer expands its line of utility installation equipment with the launch of the D8x12 Navigator horizontal directional drill. This new compact and highly productive drill is sized for working in tight spaces, features straightforward controls and delivers quiet operation. With two drill rod options for added versatility, the Vermeer D8x12 is well suited for small service installations, including gas distribution, power, water and telecommunication networks. The Vermeer D8x12 horizontal directional drill is equipped with a 48 hp (35.8 kW) Kohler diesel engine and offers 1,000 ft-lb (1,355.8 Nm) of spindle torque and 7,850 pounds (34.9 kN) of thrust/pullback. It features basic hydraulic pilot joystick controls with only essential electrical components, simplifying operation and routine maintenance. With a low noise emission level of 85 dBA at the operator’s ear and guaranteed sound power of 104 dBA, the D8x12 is an excellent machine for working in urban environments. It can fit through a 36-in. (91.4 cm) gate or onto a trailer with other jobsite essentials.

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