NUCA’s Statement On President Trump’s Infrastructure Announcement

The chief executive officer of the National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA), Doug Carlson, issued the following statement in reaction to President Donald J. Trump’s infrastructure action announced July 15 in Atlanta, Georgia:

“The President’s call to action on infrastructure should be a top priority. Our utility construction members can modernize America’s highways, water and wastewater systems, broadband lines, and pipelines—and help put this nation safely back to work. Eliminating unnecessary delays that hold up infrastructure projects will increase project resources and get our employees back on the job building our nation’s infrastructure.

“Streamlining the permitting process is just one step, though. Congress must get busy and pass infrastructure legislation. Clean Water, Energy, Sewer, Broadband, Roads and Bridges are the key to a better life for all Americans.”

About NUCA

Founded in 1964, the National Utility Contractors Association represents nearly 1,700 U.S. utility and excavation contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers who provide the materials and workforce to build and maintain our nation’s intricate network of water, sewer, gas, telecommunications, and electric infrastructure. NUCA is found online at, and can be followed on Twitter at @NUCA_National. The association’s Twitter hashtags are #WeDigAmerica and #NUCAdigs.

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