New Year, New Excavator?

Check Out These Product Offerings from Eight Excavator Manufacturers

Case Case
Case Construction Equipment’s new CX75C SR and CX80C mid-size excavators bring both the power and performance of a full-size excavator into a smaller package for improved jobsite accessibility and convenience. Both machines offer a Tier 4 Final engine solution featuring a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC)-only cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) system. Key advancements over the previous Case designs in this size class include a 5 percent improvement in fuel efficiency, a 7 percent faster cycle time, 20 percent larger fuel tank for extended runtimes and a 7 percent wider cab for increased productivity. The new models also offer 9 percent more hydraulic power than previous models for greater digging power and responsiveness. The CX75C SR and CX80C weigh 16,200 lbs and 18,800 lbs, respectively. Both machines operate at 55.2 net hp, provide a digging force of 12,800 lbs and can reach a digging depth of 12 ft, 6 in. The CX75C SR is a minimum swing radius machine designed for work in more confined areas, such as along buildings and on roadsides. The CX80C features a more conventional tail design for a machine of its size, yet extends out noticeably less than full-size conventional excavators. For more information, visit  

Caterpillar Caterpillar
The Cat 336E H excavator uses a new hydraulic hybrid technology developed by Caterpillar. The 336E H has all of the same powerful advantages of the 336E (which was introduced in 2010) with the biggest difference between the two models being even greater fuel efficiency — up to 25 percent savings. To achieve added fuel savings, the design of the 336E H uses three building block technologies that: 1) Conserve fuel with engine power management via the Cat Electronic Standardized Programmable (ESP) pump, which smoothly transitions between the hydraulic hybrid power sources, engine and accumulator; 2) Optimize performance using restriction management via the patented Cat Adaptive Control System (ACS) valve, which intelligently manages restrictions and flows to seamlessly control machine motion with no loss of power, and to ensure operators experience no difference in control, hydraulic power or lift capability; and 3) Reuse energy via the hydraulic hybrid swing system, which captures the excavator’s upper structure swing brake energy in accumulators and then releases the energy during swing acceleration. For more information, visit

Hitachi Hitachi
The Hitachi ZX210LC-5 features an undercarriage that is 12 in. longer than the ZX210-5 to support a greater lifting capacity. Loaded with numerous customer-driven enhancements, this utility-class excavator delivers superior productivity, durability and fuel efficiency, while keeping operating costs low. A powerful, new-generation Isuzu EPA Tier 4i-compliant engine delivers higher productivity with continued great fuel efficiency. The easy-to-maintain engine requires no special additional fluids — just ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel and CJ-4 engine oil. The ZX210LC-5’s boom, arm and mainframe are so tough, they’re warranted for three years or 10,000 hours, whichever comes first. Special features such as a heated air-suspension seat, additional lighting and a rearview camera are optional. Other options include: control pattern change valve; a wide variety of track widths, arm lengths, bucket sizes; high-flow auxiliary hydraulic packages; and more. For more information, visit

Hyundai’s newly designed, 72,750-lb R330LC-9A features improved hydraulics, enhanced operator comfort, added durability and a certified Tier 4 engine upgrade. With a bucket breakout force of 51,700 lbs, a 24-ft, 2-in. maximum dig depth and a 1.18- to 2.75-cu yd bucket capacity, this new earthmover is ideal for mid- and large-size excavating projects, site preparation, pipeline installation, road and utility work or demolition applications. Equipped with a fuel-efficient, Cummins QSL9 Tier 4i engine, this machine provides operators with the utmost power to get the job done. For optimal performance, the engine is complimented by Cummins’ VGT Turbocharger, which continuously varies the airflow boost to precisely match engine rpm and load demands. A redesigned, innovative hydraulic system makes the machine fast, smooth and easy to control, providing the operator with super fine touch and controllability. Hyundai’s engineers have made sure that the R330LC-9A includes many amenities that decrease stress and increase comfort, some of which include heated seats and an enhanced climate control system. For more information, visit  

John Deere John Deere
Led by the design of a more comfortable cab and Tier 4i-certified engines, the new G-Series hydraulic excavators from John Deere continue the company’s tradition of reliability, power and productivity on the jobsite. Each of the new G-Series excavators feature rugged, field-proven Tier 4i John Deere PowerTech diesel engines, enabling operators to work anywhere jobs are available, including non-attainment areas. The horsepower of these models are 121 hp (160G LC) and 159 hp (210G LC). Focusing on operator comfort, John Deere redesigned the G-Series cab to be more spacious with a larger entryway and extra legroom. Silicone-filled mounts effectively isolate operators from noise and vibration, affording a noticeably quieter cab. Contractors will also appreciate the fabric-covered high-back seat, unsurpassed all-around visibility, low-effort joysticks, a highly efficient HVAC system and numerous other amenities to help with productivity. There is no shortage of storage options either. There’s a place for a cooler, cup holders and a hot/cold box that keeps beverages at just the right temperature. For more information, visit

Kobelco Kobelco
Equipped with a fuel-efficient, 157-hp HINO engine, Kobelco’s SK210LC excavator provides substantial power while meeting Tier 4 fuel emission requirements. To optimize power and fuel consumption, the SK210 features three engine operating modes: H for heavy loads; S for standard loads; and ECO to reduce fuel consumption when moving lighter loads. Operators can easily switch between modes by simply pressing a button in the cab throughout the course of their workday. With a digging force of 28,880 lbs, a dig depth of 22 ft and a 1.05-cu yd bucket, the SK210 is a standout performer. Additionally, it boasts a swing speed of 12.5 rpm for optimal cycle times, ensuring movement of the maximum amount of material each workday. This mid-size machine was engineered and built to deliver an ideal combination of power, performance and durability on jobsites across the United States and Canada. For more information, visit

Komatsu America Corp.’s PC170LC-10 excavator provides improved performance with up to 5 percent more lift capacity with the standard counterweight, while an optional heavier counterweight provides up to 15 percent more lift capacity when compared to the previous model. The heavier counterweight option is ideal for contractors looking for a more powerful lifting machine. The lighter counterweight machine offers excellent mobility and can be hauled on a 40,000-lb tag-along trailer, embodying versatility with power. Variable speed matching allows the engine speed to adjust based on the hydraulic pump output for both light and heavy-duty applications, while low speed matching utilizes a larger pump capable of producing higher pump output at lower engine speeds. Enhanced working modes are designed to match engine speed, pump delivery and system pressure to the application. The PC170LC-10 offers a net 115 hp at 2,100 rpm, yet it is up to 10 percent more fuel-efficient than its predecessor, depending on the application and conditions. This improved efficiency comes in part from a variable-flow turbocharger that provides optimal airflow under all speeds and load conditions. For more information, visit

With a powerful, fuel-efficient Volvo engine, a perfectly matched hydraulic system and robust body, the Volvo ECR58D short swing radius excavator offers remarkable productivity, stability, ease-of-use and safety when working in confined conditions. The new excavator boasts digging performance, breakout and tearout forces and lifting capabilities that rival larger counterparts. Maneuverability and productivity are also optimized on the ECR58D. Automatic two-speed travel provides superior traction and hydraulic travel pedals for easy and accurate track control. The superstructure on the ECR58D features a narrow body design and centrally positioned boom that make the excavator so compact that its rear swings within its track shoe, allowing operators to work extremely close to other objects without risk of collision. A new engine delivers lower emissions, as well as greater performance and fuel efficiency, for higher productivity levels and lower operating costs. The ECR58D is fitted with a four-cylinder engine that produces 50 hp. The ECR58D features an exhaust-after-treatment system (EATS) for lower emissions and seamless operation — even during regeneration. For more information, visit

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