New Ditch Witch AT32 All Terrain Directional Drill Boosts Productivity

To enhance utility contractors’ productivity while drilling through hard rock, Ditch Witch has introduced the AT32 All Terrain horizontal directional drill (HDD). The newly designed mid-size drill replaces the AT30 and provides greater power and easier system operation for increased operator efficiency and profitability.

The AT32 features 4,200 foot-pounds (5694 N·m) of outer rotational torque and 1,200 foot-pounds of inner rotational torque – 29% and 50% more, respectively, than its predecessor – to help contractors stay productive on the job. With 32,000 pounds (150 kW) of thrust and pullback, the AT32 provides the power and stability necessary for efficient installations through tough ground conditions. The drill is powered by a 155-horsepower Cummins Stage V diesel engine that meets European emissions standards for a cleaner jobsite.

Further improving productivity downhole, the AT32 features a new rod loading system that gives operators the ability to carry 450 feet of AT drill pipe on board – 30% more than the AT30 – and manually insert additional sticks of pipe when running low. In addition, a higher-powered fluid pump helps contractors get the most out of their machine by providing 40% more fluid flow to help operators stay productive on longer bores with larger diameters. It also allows for better efficiency with less wear and tear on your downhole tooling.

“The AT32 is in a class of its own,” said Jeff Davis, Ditch Witch HDD product marketing manager. “It fills a gap in the mid-size HDD market, bringing full-size power to the jobsite without the full-size footprint. The result is a more accessible, compact and versatile machine that provides boosted productivity on a variety of rural and urban jobsites.”

The AT32 follows the same modern design evolution as the latest Ditch Witch directional drills to enhance operator comfortability and ease operator use. The consistent design also makes it easy for current customers to step into the machine and instantly be familiar with its controls, features and operator platform, which boosts uptime.

The drill also comes with Ditch Witch’s Orange Intel Fleet Management System. This system delivers centralized fleet and machine information, maintenance indicators, and critical performance insights to help operators more efficiently and proactively monitor their fleets.

In the coming months, Ditch Witch plans to release the JT32, a direct replacement for the current JT30 model. Drill operators will notice many of the same improvements found in the AT32, such as more power and increased operator comfort in a compact footprint for jobsites with softer soil types.

For more information on the Ditch Witch AT32, click here.

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