New B2W Inform Mobile Construction App for Offline Capabilities Now Available in App Stores

B2W Software, a leading provider of heavy construction management software, announced that its recently launched mobile app for B2W Inform – which allows contractors to use the electronic forms and reporting solution in offline as well as online modes – is available in both the Google and Apple app stores for both Android and Apple devices.

B2W designed the new mobile app to address the fact that Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity is not always available at jobsites or may not be the most cost-effective approach for some contractors.

Using the new B2W Inform mobile app, electronic forms for safety, inspections, training and an unlimited range of additional operational processes can be downloaded to a mobile device in advance, along with operational data such as employee, job and equipment lists. Forms can then be completed anytime, anywhere in the offline mode and synched back to B2W Inform for routing, submission and reporting when a connection is established. The online and offline options provide a consistent process and user experience for B2W Inform users.

Offline mobile software capabilities are especially valuable at mining, marine, underground and remote jobsites where Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity is frequently not available. Many contractors also prefer to use mobile devices offline in urban areas, where networks can be overloaded and slow, and to minimize the cost of cellular data utilization or maintaining Wi-Fi hotspots.

B2W Inform is a cloud-based solution that enables any contractor to create and manage customized electronic forms and generate reports, dashboards and alerts driven by the data within those forms. Contractors throughout North America have adopted the B2W solution to replace paper based processes to capture and analyze data more efficiently and effectively.

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