Mincon Introduces Rock Drill Range

Entry into the drilling industry is extremely challenging. From knowing the correct method, to choosing the right equipment – not to mention the initial investment. It can be an overwhelming and expensive process.

Mincon announced its new Rock Drill series of powerful, compact, and modular drill mast and drilling rig systems that will complement the company’s existing range of efficient, high-performance rock-drilling solutions. The new product line allows Mincon to provide customers with more effective and efficient drilling packages, along with Mincon’s expert drilling experience to help reduce drilling costs.

“The introduction of these modular systems is a great step forward for Mincon, allowing new customers to affordably enter the rock-drilling industry and benefit from the performance and efficiency of our class-leading solutions,” said Joe Purcell, CEO, Mincon Group.

Mincon’s new Rock Drill mast attachments offer drillers cost-effective and attainable entry into the drilling market by allowing them to add a Mincon drilling solution to their existing equipment, whether it’s an excavator, skid steer, or any other compatible carrier machine. Mincon’s standalone drilling rigs in the Rock Drill range are compact and versatile self-powered systems for customers who want to expand their fleet with dedicated drilling solutions that have a smaller footprint than conventional drill rigs.

The full Rock Drill product line comprises three drill rigs and five drilling mast attachments. The R405, R412, R512 drill rigs use a sub-90hp powerplant and are compatible with 3-, 5- and 10-ft drill rods, respectively (or 1-, 2- and 3-m drill rods in the European market).

The M106, M112 and M120 drilling mast attachments share a versatile design, with each model representing a different length. The M207 and M220 drilling mast attachments have a heavy-duty design to accommodate the power requirements of deep-hole drilling duties.

Crucially, all Rock Drill drilling mast attachments and rigs offer guaranteed compatibility with Mincon’s existing range of drilling solutions and accessories, including the company’s class-leading DTH hammers and DTH drill bits; Spiral Flush geotechnical drilling systems; rotary drill bits; and drill pipes. All products in the Mincon range are designed with a focus on high-performance drilling with excellent efficiency, to help reduce fuel usage and lower total drilling costs.

The new product line has been made possible by Mincon’s acquisition of Hammer Drilling Rigs in January 2021. The Rock Drill line of drill masts and rigs are based on proven, modular designs that have been fine-tuned over the last four decades. Mincon has continued development and engineering on the original designs to provide greater functionality and reduce environmental impact during manufacturing. This entire product line has now been completely integrated with Mincon’s comprehensive range of drilling solutions.

In addition to targeting existing markets for mining, quarrying, construction, water and geothermal well drilling, Mincon’s new Rock Drill package solutions will also be tailored to customers in the solar installation market. With decades of drilling expertise and efficient tools that boast lower fuel consumption, Mincon’s solar installation packages will be the perfect complement for the renewable energy installation sector.

“As drillers, our engineering philosophy has always been centred on the end user’s needs: equipment that’s easy to use, with low maintenance costs, utilizing readily available off-the-shelf parts. Our aim has been to include innovative simplicity in our solutions, which ultimately makes them tougher and last longer,” said Simon Duck, Senior Engineer, Integrated Systems, Mincon Group.

For full details on the new Mincon Rock Drill product line, click here.

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