HammerHead Releases Air Hammer Designed for Small Utility Drills

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment, a Charles Machine Works company, has introduced the new HammerHead Roughneck R200, the first two-inch rock hammer engineered specifically for horizontal directional drilling applications. The R200, the smallest pneumatic rock hammer of HammerHead’s Roughneck line, is designed to expand the capabilities of small utility drills allowing 7,000- to 10,000-ton class directional drills to effectively drill through solid rock as well as other difficult soil conditions.

The R200 rock hammer was made to be the most efficient system available to HDD contractors in communications, gas, electrical and water service installations.  The R200 model drills a 3.125-in. pilot hole.

“The R200 allows you to use a small drill on jobs you couldn’t before.  If you needed to drill through solid rock, you’d have to bring a large drill to supply enough power which requires more labor, more support equipment and more time to complete the job.  With the R200, contractors can save money by maximizing the capabilities of a small drill,” explained Josh Hood, HammerHead HDD product manager. “When you’re working in small spaces or drilling short distances such as under a road bed, it makes sense to use a small drill and now you can, regardless of soil conditions.”

A key feature unique to the R200 rock hammer is the electronically-controlled air flow. With the touch of a button, the operator can adjust the air flow from open to closed and anywhere in between which allows them to manage the power of the hammer on the fly. This feature is critical in situations where soil conditions change abruptly.  The ability to reduce or increase power quickly prevents costly interruptions during the bore.
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