Finding Its Niche

MGL Inc. Supervisor Joe Collins uses a Komatsu PC210LC
MGL Inc. Supervisor Joe Collins uses a Komatsu PC210LC to dig a trench at a jobsite in Madison, Alabama.

Komatsu Helps Alabama Contractor with Public Utility Projects

When David and Valery Bussman started MGL Inc., in 1995, David was working for a contractor who was preparing to leave the business, and Valery had clocked several years of experience in her father’s construction company.

“We were both in the industry, so we decided to start something together,” recalled David. “We had the experience, and the timing was right for both of us.” Valery is president of the 12-employee company, and David serves as VP.

MGL’s bread and butter is public utility jobs for governmental boards. David estimates that they bid on at least one per week. The firm also does some additional private subdivision work or other unique projects if their schedule allows.

“We have a small staff, but some of our people—like some of our supervisors—have been here for 15 to 20 years,” said David. “It’s a dedicated group with a lot of experience, and they’re the reason we’ve been successful.”

Supervisor Dale Morgan uses a Komatsu PC210LC
Supervisor Dale Morgan uses a Komatsu PC210LC excavator to install a section of pipe on the Winchester Road water-relocation project in Huntsville, Alabama.

Getting Jobs Done

MGL built its reputation on projects like the one it completed in Susan Moore, Alabama. The $2 million undertaking was the firm’s largest with an installation of 100,000 ft of 6-in. HDPE gas line along a 20-mile stretch of highway.

“We had to install the lines deeper than normal because the ground was solid rock, which was challenging,” said David. “It was our largest project to-date, both in the amount of pipe we laid and the dollar value.”

On a 2017 water-line installation for the city of Eutaw, Alabama, the MGL team installed a combined total of 60,000 ft of 12-, 8- and 6-in. plastic water pipe. In addition, they were tasked with changing nearly 1,600 water meters along the lines.

A water relocation in Huntsville, Alabama, is one of the company’s most recent endeavors. MGL crews began installing 5,000 ft of 18-in. and 7,500 ft of 12-in. ductile iron in October 2018, with plans to wrap up construction this spring.

“We like the water and gas projects because the dig isn’t as deep as it is for sewer,” noted David. “It allows us to get in and out faster and help more customers.”

To help complete the projects, MGL purchased a Komatsu PC210LC excavator. Soon after, the company rented a second PC210LC and added two more utility-size excavators, a PC88MR and a PC30MR. “We frequently operate in compact areas, and the tight tail swing on these excavators really makes a difference,” explained David.

Rep Donnie Burgeen (left) meets with MGL Inc. Vice President David Bussman
Tractor & Equipment Company (TEC) Sales Rep Donnie Burgeen (left) meets with MGL Inc. Vice President David Bussman.

Looking Ahead

MGL is entering its 23rd year in business. “We run two crews right now, but we’d like to be at three at some point,” said David. “If the economy and confidence continue to grow, there will be an opportunity for us to add another crew.”

“It’s an exciting time in our industry,” David continued. “There’s a lot of optimism, and that’s a great feeling. We’ll continue to bid on governmental utility projects and deliver quality results on time and on budget.”

This article was contributed by Komatsu, a NUCA Silver National Partner.

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