ACPA Announces Concrete Pipe Week 2022

The American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA) announced that its annual Concrete Pipe Week will be held August 14-20, 2022. Concrete Pipe Week recognizes the significance and affirms the contributions the reinforced concrete pipe and precast industry has to a community’s quality of life.

This year’s Concrete Pipe Week theme is “Build for the Future. Build with Concrete.” and celebrates the long lifespan, resilience, sustainability, and other benefits the concrete pipe industry and ACPA members provide to America’s infrastructure.

“Reinforced concrete pipe has played a vital role in building the future of our nation’s infrastructure for more than 150 years. Now, with historic infrastructure funding through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Legislation (BIL), concrete pipe has an unprecedented opportunity to build a sustainable and resilient future for communities across the country through its unparalleled physical properties such as strength and durability,” says ACPA President, Steven Hawkins, AIA. “This year’s Concrete Pipe Week showcases the best the concrete pipe industry has to offer, and we look forward to celebrating the lasting difference reinforced concrete pipe makes in a community’s future.”

The week-long Concrete Pipe Week celebration includes activities and events at the national, state, and local level, such as:
• Complimentary Webinars: The ACPA will offer three webinar opportunities for attendees to learn about the resilience and impact concrete pipe has on the world around us. Topics include: Building for the Future, Achieving Project Excellence, and Engineer’s Guide to Quality Assurance. Attendees will earn 1 PDH by attending these hour-long sessions.

• Virtual Concrete Pipe Plant Tour: A virtual tour will take attendees through ACPA member, Concrete Pipe & Precast (CP&P)’s Ashland, VA, concrete pipe facilities. Guests will see an overview of the process it takes to make pipe, from the aggregate that comes into the plant to the truck that takes it away.

• State Proclamations: Every year the American Concrete Pipe Association works with Governors to raise awareness about the benefits that reinforced concrete pipe and precast bring to the state and local level.

In addition, Concrete Pipe Week recognizes the contributions of ACPA’s partners: Public Work agencies, DOTs, engineering companies, associate members, steel producers, form producers, casting producers, the trucking industry, sand and rock producers, cement producers, contractors, academia, and everyone associated with the buried infrastructure industry and the products this industry requires.

“Concrete Pipe Week provides an opportunity for our members to unite around our products and the impact they have on existing communities and future generations,” says Michael Kremer, ACPA Vice President of Marketing. “Infrastructure built with concrete pipe establishes the certainty and security of future communities – something we’re proud to celebrate during Concrete Pipe Week 2022.”