CFMA Conference Taps B2W Software CEO for Insight into Mobile Technology for Construction Industry

Leading enterprise-class construction software, services and solutions provider B2W Software announced this week that its CEO Paul J. McKeon, Jr, will discuss the impact of mobile technologies on the construction industry at the CFMA

Paul J. McKeon, Jr., CEOLeading B2W Software, a leading provider of enterprise-class construction software, services and solutions, today announced that Paul J. McKeon, Jr., CEO, will discuss the impact of mobile technologies on the construction industry at the Construction Finance Management Association (CFMA) Annual Conference and Exhibition in Chicago on June 30.

McKeon will be among four presenters for a session titled, “Can Construction and Productivity Apps Utilizing Remote Job Site Technology Actually Impact Project Results?”

The CFMA Annual Conference and Exhibition has been a premier source of information for construction financial planning for over 30 years. Each year, the conference attracts construction financial professionals and highlights technology providers ready to solve the industry’s toughest challenges and improve construction business operations. More than 800 attendees are expected at this year’s conference from June 27 – July 1.

McKeon contends that mobile applications are causing a paradigm shift in the way construction enterprises can leverage information from the field, with benefits extending far beyond more effective job cost reporting, to include operational efficiency and the mining of data to drive analytical decision making. He will be joined on the panel on Remote Job Site Technology by a representative from AccuBuild Construction Software as well as executives from contractors of United Infrastructure Group of South Carolina and Kana Pipeline of California. The session is scheduled for 2:45 pm on June 30.

“Mobile technology – with the tablet being the real game changer – is presenting vital opportunities to capture, access and share more data in real time with less effort,” McKeon explains. “To realize the full value, companies need a strategy and a unified mobile platform that allows them to use their data to streamline operations and drive advanced business analytics to improve profitability.”

B2W will also exhibit at booth #209 at the CFMA Annual Conference and Exhibition.



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