Blood Hound Inc. Announces Its Acquisition of Subsurface Utility Imaging

Blood Hound Inc., an affiliate company of USIC LLC, announced its acquisition of Subsurface Utility Imaging (SUI). Blood Hound provides private utility locating services throughout the eastern and southwestern U.S.

The acquisition of SUI, which is headquartered in Utica, New York, and provides underground utility locating, concrete imaging, and pipeline inspection services, expands Blood Hound’s service offerings in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Region to include manhole inspections, closed circuit television (CCTV) inspections and smoke testing of pipes.

Robert Korosec, Co-founder and Principal of SUI since its inception in 2010, will continue to lead SUI, while former SUI Co-founder and Principal James Thew will now be dedicated to his role as Principal of Thew Associates PE-LS, PLLC.

“The Blood Hound team is pleased to incorporate SUI’s capabilities, highly qualified team of professionals, and reputation for quality into the broad range of private utility locating services it offers its customers throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Region,” Scot Burris, USIC’s Senior Vice President, Advanced Utility Solutions, stated. “We are excited to work with Robert Korosec to optimize the synergies between Blood Hound and SUI to expand the service offerings and enhance the technological resources of both operations.”

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