Barbco’s Barbera Granted New Patent

Barbco Inc. co-owner and CEO Anthony R. Barbera was granted U.S. Patent #10526846 entitled as the “Material Exhaust Connection For Horizontal Bore” on Jan. 7, 2020. This is another proud moment in this East Canton, Ohio manufacturer’s storied 30-year history of driving the trenchless technology, horizontal boring, and underground manufacturing industries forward with world class capital equipment and cutting-edge technology. This patent makes Barbco boring machines more efficient and more environmentally friendly as it allows for greatly improved handling the spoils from the boring operation.

The Patent Abstract reads: “An earth boring apparatus may include an earth-boring cutter head, and a casing secured to the cutter head and extending rearwardly therefrom so that the casing and cutter head are rotatable together as a unit. A casing cuttings passage may extend from adjacent the casing front end to adjacent the casing back end. An entrance opening of the casing cuttings passage, which is adjacent the cutter head, is adapted to allow cuttings to move through the entrance opening into the casing cuttings passage. In some implementations there may be a stationary auger positioned within the casing cuttings passage rearwardly from the entrance opening, such that the stationary auger does not rotate when the casing and cutter head are rotated together as a unit.”

Barbco is a NUCA Sustaining National Partner.

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