A New Blueprint for Safe and Efficient Worksites

The construction industry is poised for a technological revolution. As technology becomes more affordable and effective, construction companies across the country are distinguishing themselves from the competition by adopting digital solutions that locate assets, streamline operations, increase productivity, and improve safety.

San Rafael, California-based general contractor Ghilotti Bros. Inc. is one of the companies leading this charge and has seen the benefits of these solutions firsthand.

When Ghilotti Bros. started looking for a new fleet management system in 2017, they knew that they wanted more than GPS location tracking. They also wanted to find an integrated solution that would help protect their employees, their equipment, and their brand.

Ghilotti Bros. found an answer and a partner in NUCA member company and National Sustaining Partner Samsara, an IoT company that makes internet-connected sensors and software. By combining data from sensors, real-time GPS, dash cameras, and mobile apps into one straightforward interface, Samsara’s platform provides Ghilotti Bros. with unprecedented levels of visibility into their operations and creates opportunities to make the company safer and more efficient.

One of the biggest advantages is real-time location tracking. Using Samsara’s vehicle and asset gateways, the company is able to see the location of every vehicle and piece of equipment. “We have a lot of vehicles and equipment spread out across multiple job sites,” said Victor Miral, Service Manager. “If my generator or backhoe isn’t where it’s supposed to be and I need to find it, it takes two clicks for me to track my machines down.” This feature helps the company save dozens of hours a year by avoiding lengthy yard hunts. Meanwhile, geofence alerts help prevent theft by proving a warning when an asset is moved.

In addition to efficiency gains through asset tracking, Ghilotti Bros. also achieves an edge with Samsara’s predictive maintenance reports and alerts. Samsara’s sensors track the usage of vehicles, powered assets and unpowered assets and automatically reminds company personnel about oil changes. The company uses this feature to service vehicles and assets in a timely fashion, helping to reduce costs and avoid breakdowns.

But for Ghilotti Bros., the distinguishing feature is Samsara’s safety tools. With drivers crisscrossing job sites, safety is key priority, and the company is constantly searching for better ways to protect its team. Samsara’s safety reports provide another tool in its arsenal by detecting and capturing information about driver behavior, including speeding incidents and harsh driving events.The company can then provide feedback and coaching to drivers, as well as incentivize better driving performances, helping to build a culture of safety across the company.

Since many employees sit behind the wheel of a vehicle with a company logo, driver behavior also represents the company. By promoting better driving, Samsara, in turn, helps Ghilotti Bros. safeguard its company and 100-year-reputation.

These advances have forged a strong relationship between Ghilotti Bros. and Samsara and helped the company become more efficient in a short period of time. And Samsara’s commitment to innovation ensures that the company will be well-positioned for continued success in the future.

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