2020 Trench Safety Stand Down

trench safety

While the results of the 2020 TSSD Week, sponsored by NUCA and the Safety Ambassadors Club, were lower than the previous year due to the pandemic, the number of people who took part was still remarkable. More than 32,000 workers on more than 3,500 jobsites from 238 organizations participated this year.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to conduct safe stand-downs despite the chaos and uncertainty this year by holding pro-bono safety training across the country, including holding Toolbox Talks, training sessions, and more. Your participation speaks volumes about your commitment to employee safety, especially this year. And most importantly, together you have undoubtedly saved lives!

Participating Organizations:

3D Excavating
717 Construction SVCS LLC
A-1 Excavating Inc.
ABE Utilities Inc.
Absolute Infrastructure
Air Liquide Advanced Materials
AJ Johns Inc.
Alex E. Paris
Allegheny Contracting
Allegiance Contracting Group
Allied Construction Group Inc.
Alvin H. Butz, Inc.
Ansco & Associates LLC
Aristeo Construction
Asturian Construction
Austurian-Consigli Joint Venture
B. Frank Joy LLC
B.R. Kreider & Son Inc.
B.R.S. Inc
Badger Daylighting
Barbco Inc.
Barber Utilities LLC
Battaglia Industries Inc.
Belair Sitework Services
Big State Electric LTD Houston
Boller Construction Co.
Boomerang Corporation
Bossier City Fire Dept
Boyle & Fogarty Construction Co. Inc.
Brasfield & Gorrie Contractors
Brotherton Pipeline Inc.
Buchanan Construction
Buffalo Gap Instrumentation & Electrical
Building Crafts
Burgess Civil LLC
Byrd Underground LLC
Centerline Inc.
Civil Constructors LLC
Cleary Construction Inc.
Coldwater Board of Public Utilities
Comer Construction
Corrpro Companies Inc.
Cross Country Infrastructuere Services
CW & Sons Infrastructure Inc
D’Allessandro Corp.
Danielson Incorporated
Dave Schmitt Construction
DeJean Companies
DeJonge Excavating Contractors Inc.
Delong Construction
Detroit Thermal
Directional Services Inc.
Dixie Chemical
DOLI Construction Corp.
Dooall Construction Co.
Double Z Construction Co.
Duininck Inc.
Duro Electric
E.E.Cruz & Co.
E.P. Brady LTD.
East Coast Contracting Inc.
Elder Technical Rescue Services LLC
Energy Transfer
Eyman Plumbing
Fairchild Brothers Inc.
Feeney Brothers Excavation LLC
Fehlinger Construction Group LLC
Felix Associates of Florida Inc.
Ferguson Trenching Co.
Fire Line Services Inc.
First Companies
Fischer Grading
Foremost Pipeline Construction
Fort Worth Civil Constructors
Foshee Construction Co. Inc.
Gaines and Company
Garney Construction
Gemma Power Systems LLC
Golden Triangle Construction
Graham Construction
Granite Construction Inc.
Gray and Son Inc.
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems LLC
GS Construction Inc.
Haas Sons Inc.
Halbrook Excavating
Hamilton Contracting
Hardison Downey
Hardison/Downey Construction Inc.
Hawkins Construction
HEI Civil
Henkels & McCoy
High Volt Electric
Horizontal Boring & Tunneling Co.
Hurst Excavating
IAN Corp.
Icon Construction
Iowa Pipe and Grading
Iowa Trenchless
IronWoman Construction LLC
Ivy H. Smith
J&J Schlaegel Inc.
J&K Contracting
J. Fletcher Creamer & Son
Jax Dirt Works
Jennings Excavating Inc.
John Burns Const Co. of TX
Johnson-Davis Inc.
Judds Brothers Construction Co.
Kaltz Excavating
Kamminga & Roodvoets Inc.
Kandey Company Inc.
Karrenbrock Evcavating
Kelchner Inc.
Keller Excavating
Kiewit Infrastructure
King Construction Services
Kirila Earthworks Inc.
Klaasmeyer Construction Co. Inc.
KRG Utility
Krohmer Plumbing
L G Roloff Construction Co.
Las Vegas Paving Corp.
LaSalle Construction Services
Liberty Excavators
Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District
M.E. Collins Contracting LLC
M.J. Scully & Co. Inc.
M.L. Chartier Excavating Inc.
MAC Construction & Excavating
Madison Utility District
Mainline Construction
McCarty & Company Construction
Michael F. Ronca and Sons Inc.
Midstate Site Development
Millstone Weber LLC
Minger Construction
MJ Minor
Morgan Corp.
MPS-JV Mechanical Contractors
National Trench Safety
Nebcon Inc.
NMC The Cat Rental Store
On Track Construction
Oscar Renda Contracting Inc.
Palmer Electric Inc.
Perry Engineering Co. Inc.
Peterson Contractors Inc.
Petticoat Schmitt Civil Contractors Inc.
Pirc Tobin
Pivetta Brothers Construction
PM Environmental Inc.
Portland Utilities Construction Co. LLC
Progressive Structures
Pyramid Industrial Services
R.S. Audley Inc.
Rasch Construction
Rathje Construction
Rawso Constructors
Redford Construction Inc.
Reilly Construction
Riviera Utilities
RL Wadsworth
Rognes Corporation
RP Constructors
RP Iannuccillo & Sons Const. Co.
RP Weddell & Sons Co.
Ryan & Associates
Ryan Mechanical Inc.
S&S Utility Contracting
S.C. Anderson Inc.
Schlouch Inc.
Schoon Construction and Excavation
Selge Construction
Service One Inc.
Sierra Pacific West Inc.
Skurka Construction Inc.
Slack & Co. Contracting Inc.
Solvay Specialty Polymers
South West Light Rail Transit
Spear Excavating LLC
Standard Utility Construction
Starkweather & Shepley
Statewide Safety Systems
Strack Inc.
Suburban Sanitation Service Inc.
Sullivan Eastern Inc.
Sunland Construction Division 12
Sunland Construction Division 13
Sunland Construction Division 24
Sunland Construction Division 26
Sunland Construction Inc. Gulf Coast Division
Sunland Construction Inc. Gulf Coast Channelview, TX
Sunland Construction Inc. Marine Division
Sunline Civil Construction Inc
T.A. Loving Co.
Tab Construction
TB Landmark Construction Inc.
Team Construction
Team Elmers
Team Fishel
Team Nelson Earthworks and Utilities
Texas 811
The Driller
The Driller LLC
The Fishel Co.
The Fishel Co. (Louisville, KY)
The Plumbing & Drain Co.
Thompson Construction
Titan Trenching
Town of Calhoun Falls
Trench Plate Rental Co.
TSI Mechanical
Union Paving / Tracks Unlimited
United States Department of Labor/OSHA
Valley Corp.
Vaughn Industries
Vinton Construction Co.
Vortex Companies
Vrana Construction
Vrba Construction Inc.
W.L. French Excavating Corp.
Waeco Construction
Walsh Contracting Group
Western Municipal Water District
Westra Construction Corp.
William Anthony Excavating Inc.
Zachary Underground and Utility Services


RP Constructors
RP Constructors
Schoon Construction and Excavation
Schoon Construction and Excavation


Building Crafts
Building Crafts
Pan Pacific Mechanical
Pan Pacific Mechanical
Heavy Civil Construction East
Heavy Civil Construction East
Hurst Excavating
Hurst Excavating
Ansco & Associates, LLC
Ansco & Associates, LLC
Judds Brothers
Judds Brothers
Comer Construction
Comer Construction
Doli Construction Corp.
Doli Construction Corp.
Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District
Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District
CW & Sons
CW & Sons
Brasfiel Gorrie
Brasfiel Gorrie
Portland Utilities
Portland Utilities
Barbco Inc.
Barbco Inc.
Belair Sitework Serv.
Belair Sitework Serv.
A-1 Excavating
A-1 Excavating
Krohmer Plumbing
Krohmer Plumbing

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