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The new Case CX210D provides faster cycle times, improved responsiveness and multifunctional control and greater breakout forces and fuel efficiency. It also offers more standard features than previous Case excavators, as well as peace of mind and lower total cost of ownership through Case ProCare. Case D Series excavators meet Tier 4 Final emissions standards through a combination of CEGR, SCR and DOC technologies, which helps maximize uptime and performance with minimal maintenance. There is no DPF, no DPF regeneration or associated service costs. The arm and boom of the CX210D has been built stronger for greater durability and to support the greater power. The undercarriage is built with thicker steel and a single-slope design that reduces dirt accumulation and eases cleaning. For more information, visit www.casece.com.

The new mid-size Cat 325F is a reliable, durable, highly efficient compact radius excavator built for close-quarters work. The machine features a powerful C4.4 ACERT U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final engine that’s miserly on fuel paired with a state-of-the-art hydraulic system that’s responsive to every command. Compared with its Cat 321D Tier 3 predecessor, the 325F will consume up to 22 percent less diesel fuel with no loss of swing torque and bucket and stick forces. It will also run on biodiesel up to B20. With a maximum lifting capacity of 27,000 lbs at 15 ft over the front at ground level, the 325F exceeds its predecessor model’s capacity by 8 percent. It also features proven electronic, fuel, air and aftertreatment components like a maintenance-free DPF. For more information, visit www.cat.com.

The 168-net-hp DX190W-5 wheel excavator stands out from other excavating equipment with its rubber tires, making them a popular choice for customers who regularly drive on finished concrete or asphalt surfaces. Doosan wheel excavators are often used in highway/street development, site development, land improvement and utility projects. For example, a wheel excavator customer can drive on the shoulder of a road to dig in an adjacent ditch or use a bucket and hydraulic clamp to pick up materials and load them into a truck for disposal. A selectable feature, SPC engine mode, is standard on the DX190W-5. SPC consists of two systems — Variable Speed Control and Pump Torque Control — that work together to improve machine efficiency while maintaining productivity and reducing fuel consumption. For more information, visit www.doosanequipment.com.

Hitachi Construction Machinery– Americas recently introduced a new ultrashort excavator in its Dash-6 lineup — the ZX245USLC-6. The updated, reduced-tail-swing model — which is available in Canada and the United States — is equipped with a powerful Tier 4 Final Isuzu engine complete with integrated, effective engine technologies and does not require a diesel particulate filter. “With a tight tail-swing radius, the ZX245USLC-6 is perfect for contractors working in and around obstacles,” said Mark Wall, excavator product marketing manager for Hitachi Construction Machinery– Americas. “In addition to the emissions update, we used this upgrade as an opportunity to add a few features our customers have been asking for like a standard rearview camera, standard factory installed auxiliary hydraulics with programmable attachment modes, and upperstructure handrails.” For more information, visit www.hitachiconstruction.com.

JCB’s 85Z-1 zero tail swing compact excavator features a revised H-design undercarriage, robust steel body panels, a spacious operator environment and an efficient JCB by Kohler engine. This engine, which uses up to 10 percent less fuel than the previous models, conforms to Tier 4 Final emissions standards without requiring a DPF — reducing cost and operating complexity. In addition to the standard hydraulic cut-off that is activated by lifting the left-hand lever pod, the operator is required to activate the 85Z-1’s hydraulic system through a button on the right-hand console. The machine’s hydraulics can only be activated when the operator is seated and wearing a seat belt. Attachments can only be de-coupled at ground level via a positive pressure boom safe system circuit for better on-site safety. For more information, visit www.jcbna.com.

The mid-size, 173-hp Hyundai HX220L features the company’s exclusive AAVM, or All-Around View Monitor, system for 360 degree-surround virtual operating view. Included is the Intelligent Moving Object Detection (IMOD) system that senses and warns the operator when objects come within 16.5 ft of the machine. Available hydraulic system improvements to the HX220L and other HX Series models include an innovative Boom Float mode for improved grading control, Fine Swing mode for improved load control when swinging, Intelligent Power Control for computer-aided power optimization based on load demand and Eco Breaker mode for selectable pump flow and improved fuel consumption when working with attachments. The HX220L weighs 50,263 lbs and features a maximum dig depth of 24 ft, 10 in. For more information, visit www.hceamericas.com.

John DeereJohn Deere
The 101-hp, Tier 4 Final John Deere 135G delivers impressive arm force, dig force and lift capacity. The reduced-tail-swing design allows the 135G to work closer to objects on congested jobsites, plus it is easy to transport to the next job. Industry-exclusive, double-seal swing bearing and three welded boom bulkheads deliver rock-solid durability. In addition, a highly efficient, heavy-duty cooling system keeps things cool, even in tough environments or high altitudes. Three productivity modes let an operator choose the digging style that fits the job. An optional backfill blade adds stability and eliminates the need for extra equipment, and a 20-in. optional rubber crawler pad helps reduce damage to concrete or asphalt when working on street repairs or in housing developments. For more information, visit www.deere.com.

Kobelco’s Generation 10 SK210 excavator boasts power and efficiency capabilities to make downtime a thing of the past. The 49,400-lb model is powered by a 160-hp Tier 4 Final Hino engine that enables it to remain highly fuel efficient while easily tackling heavy-duty applications. The new SK210 delivers a dynamic digging force of 29,330-lbf to achieve leading-class work volume, even while minimizing fuel consumption. In H-mode, it features an impressive 7 percent increase in work volume, while providing up to a 10 percent increase in fuel economy in S-mode and a further 6 percent increase in ECO-mode. This boost in efficiency comes from a new hydraulic regeneration system, which aids the arm by reusing force generated by the boom, further minimizing energy loss and ensuring outstanding performance. For more information, visit www.kobelco-usa.com.

Komatsu AmericaKomatsu America
Komatsu America’s PC360LCi-11 hydraulic excavator is the first 3D semi-automatic excavator available in the popular 36-ton weight class, flexible and versatile enough for almost any jobsite. The excavator’s Intelligent Machine Control features a unique sensor package, including stroke sensing hydraulic cylinders, an IMU sensor and GNSS antennas. The PC360LCi-11 utilizes 3D design data loaded into the machine’s monitor to accurately display machine position relative to target grade. When the bucket reaches the target surface, automation kicks in to limit over excavation and enable finish grading. As the operator moves the arm of the PC360LCi-11, the boom adjusts the bucket height automatically, tracing the target surface and minimizing digging too deep. Operators are able to utilize the automation to dig straight to grade with a minimum of fuss, without the limitations of 2D only or guidance only systems. For more information, visit www.komatsuamerica.com.

The TB260 is equipped with a high performance, turbocharged engine that delivers more than 47 hp smoothly and efficiently, while meeting Tier 4 Final emissions requirements. Automatic-idle helps reduce fuel consumption and engine noise levels, lowering operating costs and improving jobsite communication, and when combined with the innovative ECO mode, fuel consumption can be reduced by as much as 21 percent in typical working conditions. Precise pilot joysticks deliver smooth, metered control for the operator, and variable displacement pumps provide excellent cycle times and 12,756 lbs of bucket breakout force. Not only can the TB260 dig, it is also an excellent attachment platform. Primary and secondary auxiliary hydraulics come standard and are operated using independent fingertip proportional controls. For more information, visit www.takeuchi-us.com.

The TC85 excavator can work closely alongside walls and other existing infrastructures thanks to its Knickmatic boom. The articulated joint on the boom of this Terex compact excavator allows the machine to be moved to either side at full digging depth. With an articulation angle up to 120 degrees in total, work can be carried out on the narrowest construction sites, alongside walls, hedgerows and on sloping terrain. The Knickmatic cylinder is internally located, protecting against collision damage. For increased versatility, two boom options are available for this Terex machine: monobloc (standard) and circular (optional). The monobloc boom offers operators a staggered boom set-up to give the excavator extra dumping height, range and digging depth. The circular boom is ideal for limited access jobsites where space is constrained. For more information, visit www.terex.com/construction.

The new EC160E crawler excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment is designed with a range of new features that boost fuel efficiency without sacrificing power. Incorporating a Volvo Tier 4 Final D4 engine, the EC160E boasts an 8-percent improvement in fuel efficiency and 5-percent improvements in tractive force and engine power compared to previous-generation models. For further efficiency, the hydraulic system is optimized to operate in harmony with the engine, working alongside a fully electronic control system. The E-Series crawler excavators come equipped with the Volvo advanced ECO mode, reducing power loss and improving controllability and response time. ECO mode works in tandem with the main control valve and machine software to ensure efficient electronic pump control. For more information, visit www.volvoce.com.

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