Trench Shoring and Shielding

Trench and Excavation Safety

The Truth Behind Trench and Excavation Safety


Many people don’t appreciate the weight of soil. One cubic foot of soil weighs between 90 and 140 lbs. Just one cubic yard of soil (27 cubic ft), weighs between 2,430 and 3,780 lbs. The human body isn’t designed to accept the trauma of having that much weight fall on it. The deaths and injuries result from suffocation, crushing, drowning, loss of circulation and objects rolling or falling into the trench or excavation.

Efficiency Production’s Build-A-Box

Trench Shoring and Shielding Showcase


Since 1989, Efficiency Production’s Build-A-Box has been the industry’s standard modular aluminum trench shield system. The company’s Build-A-Box can be assembled in minutes to a wide variety of two-, three- or four-sided configurations. This flexibility enables work crews to make on-the-spot design changes to meet job requirements in conditions ranging from light to extreme.