Safety Management


Ticks Are Looking for a Bite to Eat


Ticks are most active in the spring, but can also be found in the summer and fall. Ticks carry and spread many serious, and potentially life threatening, illnesses. The most commonly known is Lyme disease.

Confined Space

Confined Space in Construction


OSHA has been working on a confined space rule for construction since 1994. In 1993, OSHA passed a Permit-Required Confined Space Rule, however, the provisions applied only to general industry work.

Marine Pipeline Damage

Marine Pipeline Damage Prevention


Underground utility strikes and damages are all too frequent occurrences. Utility contractors know that hitting an underground utility can cause loss of life, injuries, damage to property and the environment.

OSHA Safety

OSHA’s Top 10 Employer Responsibilities


It does not matter if employees are working in an office or in a trench, employers have a responsibility to provide workers with a safe place to work. When the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act was established in 1970, the regulations included employer responsibilities. Start the New Year off right by ensuring that the CEO and managers at all levels within a company know and understand what these responsibilities are.

Safety Off the Job

Understanding the Importance of Off-the-Job Safety


Each year, the number of workers killed in off-the-job accidents exceeds the number killed at work by a multiple of more than 10. And as many as 15 million workers are injured off-the-job each year. This means your employees have a greater chance of being injured or killed at home or during leisure activities than while at work.

Report Safety Near Misses

Report Near-Misses


Companies often miss opportunities to prevent future accidents and improve their safety and health programs because they do not have a near-miss reporting system. A near-miss reporting system is a proactive system used by many award-winning companies to prevent accidents.