Safety & Training

Understanding the Effects of Power Tool Vibration


Work-related exposure to tools that vibrate can cause fingers to feel numb and tingly. Extended exposure to mechanical vibration can cause a condition known as Raynaud’s phenomenon, which is sometimes referred to as “white fingers” or “dead fingers.”

Selecting Subcontractors

Selecting Safe Subcontractors


Among the most important issues to consider when selecting subcontractors is the subcontractor’s commitment to safety. Choosing a subcontractor with a poor safety record can lead to huge problems for the controlling contractor.


Fall Protection Stand-Down


As part of its ongoing fall prevention campaign, OSHA has announced a national Fall Prevention Stand-Down from June 2 to 6, 2014, to raise awareness among employers and employees about the hazards of falls.

Choosing a Utility Locator

Map Quest


Buried beneath your feet is a complex system of subsurface utilities, silently supplying power and connectivity to your home, neighborhood, office, farm and every city in between.